RMI and Python

Eric Lee Green e_l_green at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 04:52:43 CEST 1999

Tim Egbert wrote: 
> Java is able to do remote method invocation (RMI) which is a neat concept.
> It is the basis for Jini, another neat idea.  Does Python have anything
> like RMI?

It's easy enough to create one, using the SimpleTCPServer class. In
fact, I have done it. As soon as I get a chance to re-visit the code and
clean up some boojums I will toss it onto my web site (it currently is
functional and working, but there are some known denial-of-service
problems that I wish to tackle before considering it halfway finished). 

If you're wanting to do it youself, think HTTP -- HTTP is at its heart a
remote method invocation mechanism, you have the HTTP libraries
available, you have the BaseHTTPServer available so that you can add
your own methods (HTTP is NOT restricted to GET and POST, though that's
all that most HTTP servers understand!), and Python's 'pickles' make it
very easy to wrap up data to pass it to a remote server. 

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