More random python observations from a perl programmer

Robb Shecter shecter at
Thu Aug 19 16:13:21 EDT 1999

Evan Simpson wrote:
> ...Python programmers appear to prefer hyperlinked over man-style
> documentation...

Well, I don't think we should base assumptions on the posts of one
vocal advocate, but - 

I'd say it has to do with the language itself:

Perl is "old school", along with awk, and sed:  The complexity of the
system is in the language definition itself.  Pure OO/Component-like
libraries are a secondary source for features.  In this environment,
having docs that read linearly, more like a book, may be the best

Python is "new school", along with Java and Smalltalk (years ahead of
its time).  The language is intended to be simple, and the complexity
is in the libraries.  In this case, having highly structured,
hyperlinked refs may be the best way to go.  

- Robb

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