ifconfig C module

M.-A. Lemburg mal at lemburg.com
Fri Aug 13 05:55:32 EDT 1999

> I got permission to publish the results of my 'ifconfig' module.
> Since it's rather small, I thought I would post the whole thing here.
> I realize it's not perfect, but it does what I need.  I'll accept
> patches to make it better.  I'm sure the license could be changed to
> the Python one if there is interest in including it in the main
> distribution.

I'd suggest adding this to either the socketmodule.c or the
fcntlmodule.c in the standard Python distribution.

FYI, I've spiced up the file a bit and turned it into a package
which is available here for easier install:


I changed the names a little in the above archive:

Package name: ifconfig
API:	      ifconfig.ifconfig

>From David's code:

   The command ifconfig.ifconfig(interface_name), where
   interface_name is the name of the interface, such as 'eth0' or 'lo'
   returns a dictionary with the following keys:

   hwaddr: hardware address
   addr: ip address
   brdaddr: broadcast address
   netmask: netmask

Great work, David ! I never thought it would be that easy to get
at the hardware MAC address. Now the only question remaining is:
how portable is this code ? E.g. does it compile on Windows ?

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