A Plea For A Return To Sanity!!!

Bit Nik bitwise at io.com
Fri Aug 27 18:29:46 CEST 1999


I just recently joined this newsgroup/mailinglist and I missed out a lot
on the previous flame war (lucky me!). And I certainly don't want to
stroke the coals and recreate the flame, but i'm very curious /how/ is
Python lacking in documentation? This seems to be the major argument
against it right? Also, who are these Python biggots people are always
talking about??

I think the Python documentation is excellent, almost every question I've
had so far has been answered by searching through python.org. Sometimes
I've had trouble finding some bit of information and perhaps not even
reading all of TFM have naively posted a question here to be met with a
slew of helpful posts pointing my in the right direction. Pythoners you
are to be commended! I think I have found a language I really like, and a
part of the reason is because of all of the helpful support and good

No doubt perl has a lot of cool things going for it too, the perl module
collection is unbeatable, perl has excellent user support even though
there are a few perl biggots. Most perlers I have met are a preaty logical
bunch, and the perl mongers are on their way to certain world domination.

Another quick question, are there such things as PUGs? (Python User
Groups). I couldn't find any information on python.org...

Andrew "mask compliments in the form of a question" Tanner

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