Why use Python when we've got Perl?

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Tom Christiansen  <tchrist at mox.perl.com> wrote:
>So what do you do?  You either bail out of this untenable situation, as
>Larry Wall has done, or else "customer-service battle fatigue" sets in.
>When that happens, people end up getting snapped at, sometimes mistaking
>an honest learner for yet another beggar looking for handouts.  I dare
>say this would happen even in the best of families, given equivalent
>circumstances.  I do think that earnest individuals seriously wanting
>to work hard are still given the same helping hand they always got.

I've snipped the part of the post that I mostly agree with to disagree
somewhat with that last sentence.  Without going into details, there
were a couple of module maintainers who treated me somewhat roughly.
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