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Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Aug 5 20:37:17 CEST 1999

    Preston> I'm thinking of writing a Python program to download email from
    Preston> web-based services such as Yahoo mail, Deja, Hotmail, and so
    Preston> on, and deliever the mail in a format that standard unix
    Preston> mailers can use.

    Preston> I'm posting here to make sure that this work has not already
    Preston> been done.  If someone has already seen a program like this,
    Preston> that can be adapted for a variety of web based email services,
    Preston> please let me know.  I'm not writing this as a learning
    Preston> exercise, I just need the tool. ;-)

Presuming the services you're interested in support a standard mail transfer
protocol like POP or IMAP, you need look no further than Eric Raymond's
excellent fetchmail program:

If not, perhaps you can train fetchmail to use whatever transport they do

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