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Sat Aug 7 15:38:35 EDT 1999


Thanks for your help.

Actually I wanted to reduce the complexity of this to O(1) , since search is
O(log N).
Well I've found another way of doing it , in the cost of changing a GUI a bit
now if you want to draw an edge you click on the source vertex ( regular click
with release)
move pointer to the destination , pointer followed by the edge , and click on
This is the same model as in XFig for example.
I've done it by tracking enter and leave events for each vertex , this way i
know when and which vertex entered
and if button was clicked in it.
I'm sorry i can't post the code , its in very early development stage ,
if you want it anyway email me.


Hever Zsolt wrote:

> This is not  a direct answer, but hopefully it is a help.
> I am working on a bit similar program and I have put out some code.
> <=main program
> <= module
>    <= help, a picture of the
> program
> It grew out from the same script(s) you mentioned, there are same problems
> you have now that I had to solve somehow.
> In the module there is a "class Connecting_Objects:" which does
> that. I maintain an ordered taglist for additional information.
> Zsolt
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