More random python observations from a perl programmer

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Aug 22 13:06:42 EDT 1999

Les Schaffer <godzilla at> wrote:
> okay. but what is the significance of __this__ orthogonal in the
> statement:
> "The builtins strive to stick to those type/operator combos that make
> plain sense; Guido has never been a fan of gratuitous orthogonality."
> does it mean simply that guido et al believe not all type/operator
> pairs need coverage in the builtins? something like "we dont feel the
> need to span all of type/operator space since the phase space of
> python coder trajectories seems well bounded by the span of existing
> pairs"

couldn't have said it better myself ;-)

(btw, this is also related to "consistency" in the "worse-is-
better" sense: )


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