I need some advice on python

timcollinsdeja at my-deja.com timcollinsdeja at my-deja.com
Fri Aug 6 15:52:28 CEST 1999

I jave just discovered this morning that for the foreseeable future my
work life will revolve around mobile agents (Worse things to
research....). Anyway, I want to try a simple prototype and since I
have some facility in python, I thought I'd try using it (I'd really
rather not sit around with notepad writing java aglets if I can
possibly avoid it). Problem is this :

I need a agent environment (or server or whatever it's called) that can
accept agents, that runs on Windows 98/NT. It would be a great perk if
it were cross-platform, since sooner or later Solaris and HP-UX will be
thrown into the mix, but for now Windows is the absolute neccessity.

I've seen a couple interesting projects using python for this type of
stuff, but they either run on Unix (Know-bots) or OS/2 (Rover).
Anything out there for Windows?

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