Why use Python when we've got Perl?

Ian Clarke I.Clarke at strs.co.uk
Wed Aug 18 04:48:11 EDT 1999

> >> The problem in comp.lang.perl.misc is not the beginners -- it is
> >> the regulars.

> Come on guys, this is not useful, not nice, and not true. Yes, of course
> people snap, and sometimes they make the mistake of not being diplomatic,
> but *everybody* makes this mistake, definitely including Ian Clarke with
> this very stupid title he chose. :)

Hey!  I was quite proud of that title ;-)  

As for the C.L.P.M regulars, I agree with the statement you quote, and
damn the consequences.  Never mind not being diplomatic, those guys are
*consistently*  arrogant, and rude.  One of their favourite tricks is to
start an argument with you and then inform you that you have been
killfiled (I have seen it happen many many times, to many many people). 
If you don't believe me have a hunt in deja-news for a few of their
utterances.  Tom Christiansen is a particularly good example, and the
situation is made worse by the way the other regulars suck up to his
every action (see "HARASSMENT -- Monthly Autoemail" thread in CLPM for a
graphic demonstration of this).


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