How to link statically with python15.lib....

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Fri Aug 6 00:41:44 CEST 1999

You cant.  These .lib files are only import libraries for the DLL.  They do
not contain the code, just pointers to the code in the DLL.  Same goes to

Your only option is to completely rebuild both Python and Tcl/Tk from
sources.  I dont know about Tcl/Tk, but Python does not include any support
for that at all - you will probably need to modify the VC project files etc
to make it work.

I dont really know what you expect to save.  If you ensure you distribute
Python15.dll with your app and place it in the same directory as your app,
you shouldnt have a problem.  And Python being Python, you will have alot of
work ahead to get a true, 1 file installation.  Look at Freeze and the
"Win32 Installer" from Gordon McMillan and see if these better suit your


Egeland wrote in message ...
>Hello. Could someone please tell me how to link statically to python15.lib
>using MSVC6.0 Prof. Edit. ?
>I want to do this in order to avoid messing with *.dll's that may reside on
>the installation platform. I'm not
>really into install shield or anything ; just wanted to do it the easy way
>(if there is one). Guess I'll have to
>link to tcl80.lib and tk80.lib as well..?
>Thanks in advance,
>Anders Moe

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