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:> Really it is very simple to define parrot interpreter on tcl - just
:> define commands such as window, columnLayout, rowLayout as tcl procedures 
:> which substitute
:> something by default.

: Would anyone want to do this in Tcl as opposed to Python? (Not
: wishing to get into another language war :-)).

Interestingly, your parrot specifications follow Tcl's syntax,
so it's very simple to make a complete parrot parser in tcl.
Stick these lines in  front of your parrot file and run it
through tclsh.  Modify the "puts" commands appropriately
and you will have the front end you need.

-------------- cut here ----------------
# parrot parser
proc window {name title cmds} {
    puts "window: $name"
    eval $cmds
proc menubar {cmds} {
    puts "menubar"
    eval $cmds
proc menu {name cmds} {
    puts "menu: $name"
    eval $cmds
proc menuBar {cmds} {
    puts "menuBar"
    eval $cmds
proc menuItem {name label} {
    puts "menuItem: $name"
proc colLayout {cmds} {
    puts "colLayout"
    eval $cmds
proc rowLayout {cmds} {
    puts "rowLayout"
    eval $cmds
proc label {label} {
    puts "label: $label"
proc button {name label} {
    puts "button: $name"
proc radioButton {name label} {
    puts "radioButton: $name"
-------------- cut here ----------------

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