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>> The reactions Mr. Christiansen evokes may have more to do with his style
>> than his content. It strikes me as pompous, pretentious, hostile,
>> autodidactic, preening, vain and unpleasant. Perhaps this is not the
>> right newsgroup for him.
>Oh, I don't think he's that bad. He *does* flame back when he feels people
>are flaming him, and sometimes his finger is a bit too near the flame
>trigger, but he's nice and reasonable to the people who are nice and 
>reasonable to him.
>So let's try to be nice and reasonable to him? I thought this group was
>above this kind of flaming, actually. I always considered comp.lang.python
>to be one of the most mature newsgroups I've been reading, but I'm slowly
>being forced to adjust my opinion here, and I don't like doing that.
Maybe the newsgroup is changing.  Back to the high
ground, Pythoneers.

When did "autodidact!" become a curse?

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