Why use Python when we've got Perl?

David Oppenheimer davidopp at megsinet.net
Thu Aug 26 16:44:48 CEST 1999

I don't quite understand the relevance of this entire Perl advocacy string
here.  If Xah thinks that getting mean responses to postings (especially
postings from newbies) is so very cool, then why waste time over here doing
postings to the Python newsgroup.  I must say that in most newsgroups I have
found people friendly and helpful.  If I were to post to a newsgroup and get
flamed for not knowing anything or given obviously incorrect information just
to piss me off, I'd never go back.  It would not generate feelings of
advocacy for me.  Who the hell wants to have some intellectual elitist
assholes tell you you're ignorant just for asking a question?!

That being said, are there ways to integrate Python and Perl to do things
that neither one can do alone?!

David O.

Cameron Laird wrote:

> In article <37b634a2 at cs.colorado.edu>,
> Tom Christiansen  <tchrist at mox.perl.com> wrote:
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> >Think back to the 80s and early 90s.  The change, if it really happened,
> >came with the upty-gazillion CGI script kiddies who couldn't program
> >2+2, yet who wanted *us* to write *them* these persistent, encrypted,
> >crossplatform, multiscreen shopping carts for e-commerce, complete with
> >dynamically-generated animated vanity counters, each and every time
> >they stepped up to the feeder.
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> And e-mail address validation; don't forget that.
> No, wait, I mean, the *eight* things no one ever
> expects from the Spanish Inquisition are ...
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