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Robin Dunn robin at
Wed Aug 18 21:48:45 EDT 1999

> I made an interesting discovery the other day while roaming through the
> registry of an NT system trying to troubleshoot a problem in a Microsoft
> Site Server class I was supporting:  Microsoft Site Server 3.0 (not sure
> if it's the normal or commerce edition) uses Python.  From the presence of
> the ni.pyc file, I'm going to guess that it's 1.4.x.  I'm also not sure of
> what capacity they're using it in.

My understanding is that when MS asimilated the company that originally made
Site Server (I think it was Commerce Server then) that it was written in
mostly Python and stayed that way for at least the first release under the
MS name.

It's too bad they didn't leave it in Python, but at least they didn't try to
dominate and then break the Python world like they have tried to do with
nearly everything else they have touched.

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