newbie: Why Py_Initialize( ) doesn't work in VC6.0

Laurent POINTAL pointal at
Tue Aug 24 04:52:41 EDT 1999

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:24:18 +0800, "Bing Chen" <BC at>

>: Hi, all
>: I try to emed Python into my application, follow the manual setting the
>: project in VC6.0. In Object/library modules: python15.lib
>:                               in Additional include directories: d:\program
>: files\python\include
>:                              In Main program: #include "python.h"
>:                                                            Py_Initialize()
>: When I debug it, always show me "CXX0017:Error:symbol 'Py_Initialize' not
>: found.

And in "Link - Input - Additional library path:", do you set the
python libs path?



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