A Plea For A Return To Sanity!!!

Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan at callware.com
Thu Aug 26 12:04:44 EDT 1999

Hi All--

David Oppenheimer wrote:
> Dear Group,
> How we have let the ravings of a few PERL programmers postings shift the
> entire tide of this newsgroup to comparing Python & Perl and throwing various
> insults I do not know....Can we stop this now and get back to discussing how
> to better program in Python or am I misinterpreting the real reason for the
> existence of this group?!

1)  If the Perl yahoos would quit cross-posting flaming bags of shit,
it'd be over.
2)  Now that Tom C has left for more fertile pastures, we have been
visited with Mr. X.  I wonder if we have 5 more visitations to go?
3)  The real reason for this newsgroup/mailing list is, ipso facto, the
discussion of Python.  I don't care for having to put on my asbestos
bunny suit just to read my mail.
4)  I use Netscape mail.  Can someone out there tell me how to killfile
Tom Christianson and Xah?  Thank you, and I apologize for the off-topic
nature of this request.  Or is it?

> Alexander Staubo wrote:
> > "QED?" said Russell.
> > "It's Latin," said Morgan. "It means, 'So there you bastard'."
> > --Robert Rankin, _Nostramadus Ate My Hamster_

<i-wonder-what-he-shat>-ly y'rs,
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