Good riddance

Ian Clarke I.Clarke at
Mon Aug 23 05:29:17 EDT 1999

In comp.lang.python Tom Christiansen wrote:

> But the invective has turned me from this project.  I wanted to learn
> Python, and I wanted to get Perl programmers to learn it.  I can see
> that the viciousness of assholes (not you) is the same here as elsewhere,

By "elsewhere" I assume you include C.L.P.L in which case the most
of the assholes is none other than Tom Christiansen himself!

> and I'll return now to my previous condition and residence.  Thanks
> to the collective you for such an unpleasant experience.    It's not
> the language.  It's the assholes.

Quite right, I am sure Perl is a very nice language really.


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