Libraries needed, please help!!!

Sven Drescher Sven.Drescher at
Mon Aug 2 16:53:15 CEST 1999


But there are still errors.

My programm is very little, so I think, there are no syntax errors in it:

#include "Python.h"
int main(int argc, char **argv)
  PyRun_SimpleString("print 'Hallo, embedded world!'");
return 1;

Ok. I compiled and linked my program with the command:

CC -I/path/to/include/ -L/path/to/lib/ -lpython1.5 -o gui gui.cxx

undefined symbols ... first referenced in 'my_object_file.o'

The undefined symbols Py_Initialize and PyRun_SimpleString are still the
error messages.
What did I wrong?
Can anybody send me the compiler-options for embedding needed object-files
or other flags? Has anyone written a makefile, to do these work?

Thanks a lot!

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