HyperCard Like Application

Taka Fukuda fukuda at jb3.so-net.ne.jp
Sat Aug 28 20:34:57 CEST 1999


    I am looking for a Python script which is similar to
    HyperCard on MacOS.  Suggestions about a good start
    point would be also helpful for me.

    I love both Macintosh and Linux.  Usually, I access
    Linux box via VNC viewer on Mac.  This could be the best
    combo environment if you like to use Mac and Linux, and
    if you can afford to space for two desktop computers.

    However, I am now wondering if I can abandon MacOS.
    This is because VNC is a little sluggish on my old
    Quadra 700 and and because I'd like to replace my
    PowerBook 540 with a righter note book which Apple
    won't(can't?) make.  Actually, now I can do almost
    anything on Linux.  The only exception is HyperCard; I
    have created more than 10,000 cards and I cannot throw
    them away.  MetaCard may be a replace, but it cannot
    handle two byte code properly (and is expensive too).
    Thanks in advance for your help.
--                                          Taka Fukuda
--			            fukuda at computer.org

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