Using JPython and COM together.

Bill Tutt billtut at
Thu Aug 12 05:32:53 EDT 1999

You can't use the normal win32com modules with JPython.
You'll need to use MS's COM support in Java. This means you'll need to use
the MS JVM as well.

Here are some URLs that help explain how to use COM from Java: 
(Big huge note: I've never done this, good luck!)

I'm just a developer, not PR, and definately not a Java support engineer.

> From: Carlos Kyoku [mailto:carlos.ors at]
> Hi!
> I'm trying to access COM from jpython but I don't know how. I 
> tried to access
> using win32com modules which belongs python but I can't neither.
> How can I acces COM from jpython?
>                                          A lot of thanks.

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