Fuzzy string matching?

Darrell news at dorb.com
Thu Aug 26 15:54:37 EDT 1999

Your distance thing is cool.
But check out soundex.
These are a bit redundent.
Hans Nowak <hnowak at cuci.nl> wrote in message
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> ...Anyone know of such a beast in Python?
> The background is this... I want to write a deck managing program for
> Magic the Gathering (or other CCGs or similar games). The program has
> a collection of cards it knows (ideally, all kinds of cards in
> existance). Now I want people to enter decks, by entering names of
> cards. However, since some card names are quite difficult or have
> funny characters in them, I expect that some of their input will not
> be recognized in the card database. In such cases, I would like to
> present the user with a list of card names which match the input
> closely, but not entirely... strings that 'almost match'. OK, so it's
> just a fuzzy string match. Is such a thing done in Python already? If
> not, would it be difficult to do? (I obviously don't how to do it
> myself otherwise I would have done so already... :-/  )
> TIA,
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