Uglliness scale: Python <<< awk << p*** < SNOBOL4

Phil Budne budd at
Thu Aug 19 05:53:29 CEST 1999

Tim Peters  <tim_one at> wrote;

> While I'm tickled by the image, nothing is like SNOBOL4 -- not even its
> modern successor, Icon.  SNOBOL4 was unique, and is still the Best Language
> on Earth for writing string pattern-matching algorithms.

There are those of us who still use and develop SNOBOL4.

I've done a free port of the original Macro SNOBOL4, souped up with
some features of SPITBOL. It will run pretty much on anything with
pointers that are at least 32 bits long, and has a C compiler; Macro
SPITBOL is available for a wide variety of platforms from Catspaw Inc,
who also runs a SNOBOL4 mailing list.

For further information see;

For those who like SNOBOL4 but need a dose of syntactic sugar should
try Andrew Koenig's SNOCONE.


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