Python to Perl Conversions

Per Kistler kistler at
Fri Aug 20 02:30:23 CEST 1999

Tom Christiansen wrote:

> This article was posted to the Perl newsgroup, but I have duplicated
> the posting here without crossposting to avoid flame wars.

Thanks for this posting. Since I'm a pragmatic programmer, I'd like
any information possible. Such infos translate to money, while it 
is more difficult to convert the other type of postings
here into some visible added value.

We could use the same energie which goes into flaming for 
creating new design patterns or sophisticated applications or
whatever makes life interesting. All the scripting languages
have long todo lists (, not tupples).

Once they prohibited me to use more than one language for 
a project; I had to stay with perl and even without OO.
The more languages, the better for fighting alzheimer:-)

Cheers, Per.
Per Kistler kistler at / kistler at

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