16-bit Python -- does it exist?

Cameron Laird claird at starbase.neosoft.com
Mon Aug 23 06:35:35 CEST 1999

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>> > Subject says all. A friend (really!) would like to run Python on an old
>> > 80286. Possible?
>> Python for 32-bit DOS and for Windows 3.1 are on the
>> download page www.python.org/download.
>Read the subject again. 32-bit Python won't run on a 286.
The URL is a useful one, though.  You'll find lots
of variations of interest (memory extenders?  OS/2?).
I'm running a version 1.0.1 port <URL:http://
www.python.org/ftp/python/pc/16python.exe.gz> on a
few 8086 and 8088 space heaters I maintain.  They
become very handy calculators.

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