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Mon Aug 23 06:19:09 CEST 1999

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Bruce Dodson <bruce_dodson at> wrote:
>Check the topic indexes at C/C++ User's Journal and Dr. Dobb's Journal web
>sites.  Sometime between mid 1996 and early 1998, there was an article
>featuring a sendmail DLL for Win32, which hid the messy internals of MAPI
>and left you with something basically as simple as sendmail.  It would be a
>trivial matter to encapsulate this and the Unix sendmail in a portable
>least-common-denominator wrapper.

It's often even easier than this.  While the original
questioner asked about the "sendmail utility on NT"
(which *is* available, by the way, at a price), I
speculate it's likely he'd been happy simply pointing
a very simple network client toward the nearest open-
to-his-application SMTP relay.

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