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Michael P. Reilly arcege at
Fri Aug 13 10:42:35 EDT 1999

Ian Clarke <I.Clarke at> wrote:
: There is an interesting thread discussing (in a more-or-less reasoned
: way) the relative merits of Perl and Python.  It's called "Why use Perl
: when we've got Python?".  Despite the provocative subject its not
: designed to start an advocacy war, and there are some very interesting
: comments being made about shortcomings in both languages.

: If you know both Perl and Python, I am sure your contribution would be
: welcomed.

Coming from a voice (in a choir) of experience, it does not go over well
when a lot of Python lovers post "we love Python because of..." in the
c.l.p.m newsgroup.  As you found, the Perl newsgroup is a different beast
from the Python newsgroup, but one thing is in common - we are each a
little defensive when ppl come to the newsgroup.

As you noticed from the postings (I had been reading the thread on
c.l.p.m), you had a number of people who were touting Perl and also
claiming they knew nothing about Python ("but that doesn't matter because
Perl is great").  You asked a perfectly valid question, just not in the
best way or to the best forum.

So what is the best forum?  Good question.  The best would be to find
papers by reputable persons who fairly judge the languages.  You got a
very good response from Tom C.  Read what he says; he's fair about both


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