More random python observations from a perl programmer

Tom Christiansen tchrist at
Thu Aug 19 13:21:10 EDT 1999

>> You're welcome.  I got so fed up with the damned flames coming
>> from people who don't actually even know what they're talking about,
>> that I decided to make sure I wasn't one of them. :-)

>If that's what you believe, why are posting stuff like this (from a
>different, but nearly simultaneous, posting)?

Stuff like what?

>> You seem to be looking for a fight.   Please say nothing
>> at all if that's all you want to do.

>In response to someone else's quite reasonable suggestion to read the

>You also say in the same message

>> Thanks for nothing: there are no manpages.  I read the Lutz book.
>It's true that there are no manpages.  Linux comes with manpages, but
>every single manpage says (paraphrased): ``Don't trust this page; we
>don't.  See the info help system for the real scoop.''  

And they're full of crap, too.  Don't get me started.  Use BSD.

>Python doesn't have manpages, true.  It does have perfectly adequate
>documentation available at 

>You can download that documentation and install it on your own computer
>if you wish to avoid the net.  Like all documentation, it leaves
>something to be desired (decent search facilities, for one, but manpages
>don't have those either); 

Yes, you can.  Well, I can.  I can show you how if you want.

I guess you'd better drop the manpage issue, because I don't
intend to stop considering its absence a nasty, glaring hole.


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