tkinter/python question

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Aug 30 03:53:43 EDT 1999

Jeff -=Machtyn=- Gosnell <jmgosn01 at> wrote:
> I have a question concerning tkinter and python.  Which type of user is
> tkinter built for?

the kind of programmer who's writing Python code,
and wants a simple and portable GUI toolkit.


Tcl doesn't really have anything to do with it, except
that (1) the Tcl interpreter is linked with Tkinter, and
(2) there are no complete Tkinter documentation out
there just yet, so you sometimes have to resort to the
Tk manual pages, which happens to use Tcl syntax...

the former is a technical detail; the latter is being
worked on, on several fronts.  my freely available
tkinter introduction includes references pages for
most widgets:

and there are (at least) two Tkinter books in the
works; one by John Grayson (for Manning) and one
by yours truly (for O'Reilly).


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