I need some advice on python

Alexander Williams thantos at brimstone.mecha
Fri Aug 6 19:15:45 EDT 1999

On Fri, 06 Aug 1999 13:52:28 GMT, timcollinsdeja at my-deja.com
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>I've seen a couple interesting projects using python for this type of
>stuff, but they either run on Unix (Know-bots) or OS/2 (Rover).
>Anything out there for Windows?

There's no really good reason that the Python agent code floating
around /can't/ run on Windows; most of the networking code will work
regardless unless they're doing really deeply fancy things.  If they
are, you can very likely turn one of the Distributed Object harnesses
written in Python to your use as a means of migration.  One of the
advantages of doing so is that agent docks needn't be limited to
/just/ Windows or Unix but can span both transparently if you're
shipping Python bytecode around the network.

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