Win32 Installer - new beta

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Aug 4 14:45:37 EDT 1999

 A new beta (02) of the Win32 Installer package is available on

This release incorporates bug fixes and some enhancements:

  The major changes are that command line arguments are 
  passed into your script, and a standalone / installer can be run 
  from anywhere -it is no longer assumed that the current working 
  directory is also the directory the program lives in. Files are 
  always unpacked into the "home" directory, and the absolute path of 
  the "home" directory is always available. 

  See for 

What is it?
 Briefly, it is a sort of compilerless Freeze - a way of distributing
Python apps with all the required Python support included.

 Python-style license.

Contact: gmcm at

- Gordon

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