How to sell Python to your boss?

Alex Maranda amaranda at
Fri Aug 20 06:35:53 EDT 1999

Brad Howes wrote:
> Petri Mikael Kuittinen <eye at> writes:
> > For several months I have tried to get my colleagues excited to learn
> > Python, but so far nobody has been interested to learn new languages,
> > except for some mild interest towards Java (which is IMHO an
> > overly-hyped language).
Don't sell it. Just go ahead and do it. If your get an assignment you
can complete more or less on your own, and you're not stuck into a pile
of legacy code, just do it. Only tell the boss if he asks. No matter if
you latter stay with that shop or leave for greener pastures, they will
have to mantain your code base. That's what I did and now two of my
colleagues (including my team leader :-) are forced to learn Python.


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