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>I was wondering what is the diffrence between python and perl and what can
>you do with perl scripts and cgi on the web?

You are posting to comp.lang.python; if you want to learn about Perl,
check out comp.lang.perl.misc.  Perl and Python are overall, more
similar than different: both are interpreted, high-level, procedural
langauges with some object-oriented features and a lot of publicly
available modules for performing routine tasks.

Overall, if your background is as a sysadmin using shell scripts, grep,
awk, sed, and so on, you'll find Perl a bit easier.  If your background
is mostly as a programmer (C++ or Pascal), you'll find Python a bit
easier.  Perl is better for quick hacks; Python is better for "real"
programs that need to be maintained.

(I write this as someone with experience in many languages, having
learned Perl and then switching to Python.)
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