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>    Victor> Once again: who need so-called GUI builders while we have
>    Victor> scripting languages, which provide same level of abstraction,
>    Victor> but much more flexibilty, becouse interface is created run-time?
>There are a couple reasons something like Parrot would be useful.  One, as
>stated by the author, multiple backends will help give you independence from
>a particular GUI toolkit.  Not everyone can or will use Tcl/Tk.  Two, even
>though I could use Tcl/Tk directly, I find the Python Tkinter and PMW
>interfaces much easier to use than the raw Tcl interface, mostly because you
>are using a language with a more studly software engineering foundation.

This of course has the classic problem that

  You can only usefully include things in "Parrot" that are
  expressible in all of the GUI systems, thereby reducing Parrot to a
  Lowest Common Denominator.

That's not 100% true; there *could* be Parrot features that would be
ignored on platforms that did not support them.  Some danger lies down
that road...

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