An idea - request for comments

Ian Clarke I.Clarke at
Wed Aug 4 10:12:43 CEST 1999

> Look into Zope at

Again, the point with the system I propose is that it allows the
embedding of >>Python<< code, which is (I assume!) a language we all
know and love, but not only that, it allows the resulting system to be
more efficient than most CGI based solutions.  There is a very similar
utility for Perl, and VB for that matter.  Consequently I don't claim
that embedding code in a web-page for server-side execution is an
original idea, I am merely suggesting that we do it for Python.

The thing is that I have always been dissatisfied with current methods
of incorporating CGI into webpages.  The bog-standard method where the
web server loads the Perl or Python interpretor, feeds the script to it,
and serves the output of the script is way too slow.  The process of
actually modifying Apache (using mod perl or mod python) strikes me as a
kludge.  I think it is much better to decide on your language, and go
for a specific web server that supports it, rather than go for a generic
web server that supports a whole load of features you don't want.


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