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> > I'm currently writing a generic GUI builder.
> > It doesn't (and won't) have a graphical user interface, the user
> > will write a user interface definition file, which will then be
> > compiled by my tool into the programming language and GUI toolkit of
> > your choice. A definition file might look like this:
> [snip definition file example]
> Why not use XML for this?

IMO XML is too verbose. I want to be able to say:

   textfield @Name "initial text"

instead of:

   <textfield id="Name" text="initial text"/>

It is important to me that the tool is easy to use. This is because
I intend to use it myself!

Also, IIRC XML is restrictive where it allows comments -- you can't put
them just anywhere. My GUI builder will allow C++-style comments.

It will also use the C preprocessor, so for example one could
write a macro for a label and associated textfield:

#define labelTF(txt,id,size) \
   label @id##Label txt textField @id cols=size
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