Why do we call python a scripting language?

Stephen stephen at webadmins.com
Sun Aug 29 10:00:14 CEST 1999

<snipped for brevity>

> For me, and for most of the people I try to tell about the benefits of
> python, the title 'scripting language' implies that its not a real
> language capable of real programs.  It implies to most of them that it
> is good for simple sysadmin and maybe short cgi scripts.

'not a real language capable of real programs.'??

Are you on crack? Or do you have a different definition of the word 'real'?
Perl and python or both 'real' languages. I can write just about anything from
sockets to log parsing in them with the greatest of ease.

What the hell are you writing that makes the language 'real' to you? Drivers??

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