An idea - request for comments

Nigel Head nhead at
Mon Aug 9 09:07:11 EDT 1999

Carey Evans wrote:

> If I decide that $100 is a reasonable copying fee, and whoever I sell
> it to agrees or is convinced by my marketing, I can "sell" it for
> $100.  (See the definitions.  Note that I don't have to justify to you
> what I sell it for.)

No probs - you're selling my package, with my name on it!  Credit and future
enquiries come to me (possibly!).

> Or I can use it in a $1000 package and sell
> that, under section 8, as long as it isn't obvious I'm using your
> software!

Also no problems with that from my side.

I guess what would really bug me is for people to hijack the package, remove
original credits and resell straight with no added value of their own. I
think that should be disallowed; that's all!


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