Necessity of ``pass''

Mark Nottingham mnot at
Tue Aug 24 08:58:05 EDT 1999

I understand your frustration, but the inconveniece of adding a pass is
slight. If such a basic semantic feature of the language were optional,
things, IMHO, would go to hell in a handbasket. One of the major pluses of
Python over Perl in my book is the *lack* of being able to do everything
fourteen different ways; it confuses other people who have to read your

> if foo:
>    # bar
>    # baz
> qux
> E.g. if you're developing code and just commented out a (not yet
> worked out branch) to work on a different part of the program.
> Requireing pass here is unecessary.
> I didn't ask for pass to vanish completely, i merely asked for it
> to optional instead of mandatory.

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