Python equivilent of pack()?

Ben Gertzfield che at
Tue Aug 24 16:44:32 EDT 1999

>>>>> "Skip" == Skip Montanaro <skip at> writes:

    Skip> In fact, the Module Index is much more useful than the
    Skip> contents of the lib ref manual once you're fairly well
    Skip> settled in.  I used to generate an index myself before Fred
    Skip> started doing it (it was a pain to keep up with the TOC
    Skip> format changes!).  Now I simply link to


    Skip> from my private home page and skip the lib manual's front
    Skip> page entirely.  Most everything I need is no more than two
    Skip> or three clicks away.

You're absolutely right, Skip. The current Python lib ref manual front
page is not nearly as useful as that module index page.

Perhaps it's time for a reorganization? The main lib ref page has
gotten rather bloated, and it's pretty hard to find the necessary
information. Maybe we could go for a Yahoo-style categorization
rather than the huge delimited list we have now.

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