MS Access 97 class.

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Sat Aug 28 07:02:31 CEST 1999

In article <7q4t2r$99j$1 at>, yerny at says...
> Has anyone developed a class for manipulating MS Access 97 database tables?
> Why reinvent the wheel?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
I've done some really cool things manipulating unix apps with Python, 
TNVT, Access 97 and COM. You can do just about anything in Python that 
you could have done from within Access. Download the Access Snapshot 
Viewer and you can save reports to a file.

Install win32all, then:

from win32com.client import Dispatch

app = Dispatch('Access.Application')
 -- or --
dbe = Dispatch('dao.dbengine.35')

then look at the object reference in the Access on line help and go to 
town. I haven't been able to get Python to respond to COM events, but for 
Access, that isn't a problem.

Rob Getter
rgetter at

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