Class Methods (as opposed to Instance Methods)

Olivier Deckmyn olivier.deckmyn at
Fri Aug 20 07:45:53 EDT 1999


I play with Python while a few now (1 month).

My programer background is ObjectPascal, C++ and SmallTalk.

There is an "object-feature" I am not able to reproduce with Python : class
As opposed to instance methods, theese should apply to classes.

class MyClass:
    def myInstanceMethod(self):
        print "spam"

    def myClassMethod(?, value):
        if value=='1' :
            return 'MyClass'
        elif value=='2' :
            return 'Something'
        else: return 'What else?'

Instance methods are easy to use:


But here is how I would like to use class Methods :

print MyClass.myClassMethod(2)

(Note that there is no MyClass().xxx but well

I don't find any way to do that :(
I know it exists class attributes, but it does not fit my needs :(

Please HEEEELP !

Olivier Deckmyn, Paris - France
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from
magic." -Arthur C. Clark

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