Library philosophy

Stephan Houben stephan at
Fri Aug 27 03:23:13 EDT 1999

Paul Prescod <paul at> writes:

> I am curious about the opinions of Python community members on the
> following issue:
> I believe that Python's libraries are in many places too thin of a layer
> on top of the C library and are thus not very Pythonish.

That's true, but that has at least the following two advantages:
1. You can read the C manpages to find out what they do.
2. It's more convenient when prototyping a C program.
3. It's simpler to implement.

OK, that's three.

> Would it it make sense to start wrapping the low-level modules with
> high-level, easier to use modules that would be "the default" in Python
> 2?

In a perfect universe, we would have the lower *and* the higher



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