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Tue Aug 24 17:01:14 CEST 1999


	I want to check something out, but I haven't found anything
in the docs of python to verify this....

	Will SHUTIL's COPYFILE command copy extended attribute
information under Windows NT?

	What I'm trying to do is modify FTPMIRROR to COPYFILE instead, which
should _not_ be difficult.  But the information will be copied from a
MACFILE VOLUME from a NT SERVER, which means that it should have extended
attribute information (creator type, etc).

	If COPYFILE won't copy that data, then I might as well, stick with
FTPMIRROR and save myself the trouble.

	Keep in mind, both machines ("server" & "Client") will both be
Windows NT Server's (v4), with the same version of python (1.52).

	If copyfile won't do this, then does anyone have a suggestion on how
to do this?  I'm trying to mirror the server, and DIRECTORY REPLICATION
(from NT) isn't robust enough to deal with all the data.

			- Benjamin
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