anyon know anythin about "squeeze"?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Aug 23 23:53:46 EDT 1999

Chad Netzer wrote:

> spide at wrote:
> > I saw on page 138 of Learning Python by Mark Lutz and David Ascher,
> > Oreilly and Associates, March 1999 that there is a utility called
> > squeeze that,
> >
> >    "...packages Python bytecode in a Python program..."
> This program is in the source distribution "Tools/freeze" directory;
> The CVS verson is the newest, although you can start w/ the 1.5.2
> source distribution if you like.  I've never used it; post followup
> questions if you have trouble.

Freeze is "official", but requires a compiler.

Squeeze should be available on It doesn't require a
compiler. But you have to know all the dependencies of your script,
and the user has to have Python installed, (I think I've got that

For Win32, I've got one that goes quite a bit further, in that it 
doesn't require a compiler, it tracks down dependencies (both python 
modules and dlls/pyds) and has a number of packaging options, (and 
"borrows" from both of the above).

The slickest version of this is currently on Thomas Heller's homepage 
at I am currently integrating his changes (the 
only thing I don't like is that he only allows one .pyz in the 
package - but this turns out not to be simple to fix!).

His code is based on my beta2, (which is a lot more capable than the 
current "release"). With one bug fix, my beta2 will become release, 
and a version that integrates all of Thomas' stuff will become beta3.

- Gordon

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