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For free

For something you can carry around with you, I would suggest the good old
O'Reilly books:

Python Pocket Reference---for old hands at programming (C/C++)
Programming Python--for those who know a thing or two about programming,
but not much
Learning Python--for those who don't know a thing about programming

I fall into the second group, but I own all three books and find each
useful in its own way.  If you do order them, be sure to check for a link
from only do you get your books, but it helps out python!

Cody aka Syniq
crdempsey at

David Oppenheimer wrote:

> I have decided to learn python and Tcl.  Are there any great tutorials
> out there for python?  I would also appreciate links to any resources
> you may know about that are full of add-on tools, etc for python.  I am
> also interested in wxPython.  I would like to also know what kinds of
> programs people are designing with python.  And your comments on the
> strengths and/or weaknesses you perceive in the language.   What
> compilers are compatible, etc.?
> Thanks,
> David O.
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