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Sat Aug 21 14:48:23 EDT 1999

What I really would like to see is a reliable program to let me send
pop3 mail and have it send it through my web based email account...I've
tried cwebmail, webpop15 and zincheck which all say they work with yahoo
mail or with mailcity and none of them will send a mail through
either...I spose their out of date.  Altavista is blocking pop3 outgoing
to "prevent abuse" and it's a major hassle to log into the web email
account everytime I want to send a quick inquiry on someone's web page.

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  pehr at wrote:
> Yahoo *definitely* supports reading from their webmail accounts
> though the universal standard of pop3.  Fetchmail will get this,
> or you could simply point your netscape mail client at the yahoo
> To enable this feature under yahoo, you have to click an option which
> allows them to send you adds. Adds pay for their service so if you
> go to their web page they have to be able to still get your attention.
> I'm really impressed with how yahoo treats their clients.
> Yahoo mail lets you specify the return address so you aren't
> "locked in" to a yahoo account name, you can have mail forwarded from
> a more permanent mail address and set your reply address to the
permanent one!
>     ---pehr
> Skip Montanaro wrote:
> >     Preston> I'm thinking of writing a Python program to download
email from
> >     Preston> web-based services such as Yahoo mail, Deja, Hotmail,
and so
> >     Preston> on, and deliever the mail in a format that standard
> >     Preston> mailers can use.
> >
> >     Preston> I'm posting here to make sure that this work has not
> >     Preston> been done.  If someone has already seen a program like
> >     Preston> that can be adapted for a variety of web based email
> >     Preston> please let me know.  I'm not writing this as a learning
> >     Preston> exercise, I just need the tool. ;-)
> >
> > Presuming the services you're interested in support a standard mail
> > protocol like POP or IMAP, you need look no further than Eric
> > excellent fetchmail program:
> >
> >
> >
> > If not, perhaps you can train fetchmail to use whatever transport
they do
> > offer.
> >
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