No man pages? (was Re: More random python observations from a perl programmer)

Tom Christiansen tchrist at
Thu Aug 19 17:55:47 EDT 1999

>If your problem was mostly with 1) then I concur, and so would most Unix
>types, I think.  The rest of this debate seems centered around issue 2), and
>I'm not sure that was your main point.  I agree that 1) should be the
>minimum, but I would tend to look for web-based cross-referenced
>hypertextified documentation for more detailed information.  Though I've
>definitely found "man perlfunc" to be extremely useful when I want to get at
>something quick, so I agree that Python manpages would be a nice addition.

% (echo 'import os' ; echo 'print os.execv.__doc__' ) | python 
Execute an executable path with arguments, replacing current process.

        path: path of executable file
        args: tuple or list of strings

Well, that's better than nothing.

% (echo 'import os' ; echo 'print os.__doc__' ) | python 

But that isn't. :-)

I'd guess for a module, you should traverse its members and
print docs for all that have them.

I'm still getting ideas for autogenerating manpages. :-)

But I haven't looked at the HTML or latex docs yet.  Probably
won't till after the conference or so.


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