Python CGI Scripts

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Mon Aug 16 23:58:28 CEST 1999

> From my POV, Zope has two major problems.
> #1:     It expects to run as a server.  This is not a good
>         thing, from the POV of most IPPs and ISPs.

Zope usually runs as a server (a.k.a. long running process)
because it is more responsive that way.  It can also run in a
conventional CGI manner (one new process forked per hit)
if you have low traffic and/or don't mind paying the price.

For many low-traffic tasks, I don't use an LRP.  My code
uses the publisher (maps urls to methods & paramenters),
document templates, and the persistent object store (POS).
The latter is basically a pickling mechanism.  You write
Python class methods which are invoked as http requests.

Also:  Although Zope is usually run as a server, this
does not mean it expects to be _the_ server.  Your ISP
can use their favorite web server (e.g. Apache) to 
communicate with a Zope process.

This begs the question: Will your ISP allow you to own
a long-running process on one of their machines?  Many
won't. but some ISP's explicitly provide web hosting 
services to Zope users.

Best regards,

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon, Inc.

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