Why use Python when we've got Perl?

Cameron Laird claird at starbase.neosoft.com
Sun Aug 22 23:27:19 EDT 1999

In article <37b634a2 at cs.colorado.edu>,
Tom Christiansen  <tchrist at mox.perl.com> wrote:
>Think back to the 80s and early 90s.  The change, if it really happened,
>came with the upty-gazillion CGI script kiddies who couldn't program
>2+2, yet who wanted *us* to write *them* these persistent, encrypted,
>crossplatform, multiscreen shopping carts for e-commerce, complete with
>dynamically-generated animated vanity counters, each and every time 
>they stepped up to the feeder.
And e-mail address validation; don't forget that.
No, wait, I mean, the *eight* things no one ever
expects from the Spanish Inquisition are ...

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